Investing In A Wedding Album: The best decision you’ll ever make.

If you asked me if investing in a wedding album was important I would scream at the top of the mountains YES!!! A wedding album is not just another ‘book’ that you’ll own. A wedding album is the very first tangible heirloom that you will create as husband and wife. You will undoubtedly have tons of selfies and cell phone videos from your wedding day and all of those are great. You may also choose to invest in canvas prints to display the best moments from your wedding day which is awesome too. But if you want to experience the story of your wedding day and be able to pass down that experience to your children and eventually their children then investing in a wedding album is the best decision you’ll ever make. 

Digital media gets forgotten about. Images and videos just get lost in the shuffle of everyday life. Your wedding day images deserve to be preserved rather than sitting on a hard drive or a folder on your computer and an album is what allows you to do that.

A wedding album will last a lot longer than anything consumer made. Professionals have access to book binders and album companies that non-professionals don’t and these albums are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Albums offered by a professional photographer are MEANT to last a lifetime and that is exactly how you should want your wedding day images represented. 

If you understand the value of preserving your most precious memories in physical form then investing in an album should be a no brainer. Whoever is fortunate enough to capture your big day, find out why investing in an album is the right decision for you. 

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