Evan & Journey’s Naval Air Station Engagement Session | Corpus Christi

Evan is stationed in Corpus Christi and even though him and his fiancé Journey are getting married in Ohio next year, they decided to have their engagement session here in Texas. Journey flew on and we were able to spend about two hours together. It was great!

We started at Hans and Pat Suter Wildlife refuge where they were able to get nice and warm in from of the camera. Before heading to the base where Evan works we made a quick pit stop at an area I had been wanting to shoot at for years (literally) 

After there, on to the base where we stayed until sunset and captured an awesome shot of them on the ‘runway.’ Evan and Journey were amazingly kind, affectionate towards one another and were just plain fun to work with. I wish them love and happiness as they tie that knot next year. 


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