Level Up: Style tips for grooms

If I was a gambling man I’d confidently guess that 99.99% of wedding blogs, advertisements and marketing are geared towards women. But what about the guys? We need help!

I wanted to write a blog to help make sure grooms look their absolute best on their wedding day and can conquer it like a boss. Also, these tips can be applied across the board for any occasion. So whether it’s your wedding day or date night, when you look good, you feel good!

Let’s dive in!


Knowing your size is knowing just two numbers: Your collar size and your sleeve length. Easy right? You can do this by going to any Dillards, Men’s Wearhouse etc. and simply asking an associate to size you up.

The reason this is important is you don’t want a shirt that doesn’t fit right. Although most shirts won’t fit perfectly straight off the rack, if you don’t have the correct neck and sleeve length then you are starting off on the wrong foot immediately. It’s 2018 bro! Don’t be that guy. Know your numbers.

Want extra help? Check out this post from the guys over at Real Men, Real Style for a detailed overview of how your shirt should fit. It’s a great starting point.


Once again, looking your best is just a matter of knowing your numbers. After you get that shirt size squared away, kill two birds with one well placed, ergonomic stone and ask to be sized up for a jacket as well. It makes the buying process 10 times smoother and when it comes to your wedding, the name of the game is stress free. Make things simple. Additionally, if you’re in a time crunch, being able to quickly find what you need is extra helpful. 

I can’t stress this enough: Know your numbers bro. I’d suggest adding a quick note in your phone as a reference until you get everything memorized.

Want extra help? Check out this video on exactly how the ideal jacket should look and feel like. (extra style tips included) You’re welcome.


This one gets overlooked the most but can make such a BIG difference. Getting your shirts, pants and jackets tailored to fit you specifically is what takes any look from good to WOW. The very first time I tailored a piece of clothing, it was a plain white dress shirt that I had for years. It cost me $20 and the reason I did it was simply to see the difference it would make (if any). It was literally like buying a brand new shirt.

Although some brands and cuts fit better than others, you should purchase clothing with the understanding that they will probably need some altering. The list of alterations includes slimming down your shirts so you don’t have the fluff going on in the back and adjusting the sleeves on both your shirts and your jackets. Your pants might need a slight hem as well. 

Take my word for it. If you put just a little effort into this one thing, you’ll look you’re best each and every time you walk out the door and especially on your wedding day. Don’t cut corners!

Want extra help? Check out this quick post from Business Insider with before and after shots of tailored clothing.



Little things go a long way. A list of possible accessories includes tie bars, cuff links, socks, watches, lapel pins, neck ties & bow ties and pocket squares. These items, when done correctly, bring any look full circle. Guys have the toughest time knowing how to match these elements or knowing when to wear these elements.

What’s helped me is paying attention to what other guys are wearing to draw inspiration and watching YouTube accounts like Teaching Men’s Fashion and The Gentleman’s Cove

A good starting point would be to start adding new socks and ties to your arsenal first and then slowly add other items from there. Can’t go wrong with that. 


Men. On your wedding day your wife is going to pull out all the stops. Dress perfectly fitted, nails and toes done and an hour of getting her hair and makeup laid and slayed like never before. When she meets you at the alter, she should be meeting someone who has taken extra time and effort to look his best. 

I hope you can use these tips and with a little extra time and energy, look your absolute best on the best day of your life.  You deserve it.

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