Thibault & Bianca’s London Engagement Session | Austin Wedding Photographer

What can I say about Bianca and Thibault. Genuine. Comfortable. Affectionate. Safe. These are all words I would use to describe the dynamic of their relationship. From behind the lens I get to observe so much without needing to hear a word or know someone’s history. A subtle smile or a kiss on the cheek after remembering why you love someone. That’s all it takes to know that two people are sincere. These two are about as sincere as it gets. 

After meeting at the steps of the historic St. Pauls Cathedral, we took a quick stroll around the corner before making our way to the middle of Millennium Bridge for more sweet nothings and moments of reflection. Central London has ENDLESS opportunities for creativity, connection and atmosphere. A photographers dream would be an understatement.

My time in London was amazing and it was made better after spending a small moment in time with two people who are just right for each other. Love pushes me to create something that people will be able to share with each other, and those closest to them.

A small gift for two people brave enough to love each other. 

2018 has been good. 

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