The Ghost Inquiry

‘The Ghost Inquiry ‘ is one of the most nerve-racking, stress inducing, teeth grinding things that happens in the wedding industry and I think I speak for all professionals when I say…….why?!?!? (in my best Kenan & Kel voice.)

Picture this…

You’re chilling at a coffee shop and you get an email notification on your phone. You’ve got a new inquiry! You get a rush of ‘potential client’ excitement as you browse their details; Name, date, contact information, location of the wedding and the following message. “Hey. I love your work and would love to know if you have availability for our date. If so, would really like to see your prices/packages. Thanks!” You slide over to your calendar to discover that you are available for their big day. Eureka!

Here’s where it gets fun. You call them immediately and they neither answer the phone nor return your call. You email and you hear nothing. You text them and you hear absolutely nothing. You use every single method of communication up to and including carrier pigeons, sign language, smoke signals, morse code and FedEx overnight. They literally disappear from the face of the earth as if they never even contacted you in the first place. 

You, my friend, have officially fallen victim to the ghost inquiry. My only question is why do people do this? Why would someone take the time to fill out a contact form only to NEVER respond any reply? The only answer I can really come up with is that people are just too busy to reply or they feel guilty that after reaching out they decided to choose someone else or circumstances changed and they decided not to choose anyone. Either way, let me be the first to say this to you.

You won’t hurt anyone’s feelings by saying no. As a matter of fact, I’d encourage it!

In all honesty a simple, “Hey, we actually found someone, but thanks for the reply” or “Hey, we decided to go in a different direction” is all it would take. Don’t get me wrong. I am completely aware of all the effort, time and energy that goes into planning a wedding and I know that you can lose track of the dozens of emails and correspondence you have all the vendors you’ll be hiring. BUT, if you could send a simple one sentence email to let us know that you’ve found someone, it would be super helpful. AND, hearing feedback about why you decided to choose someone else is actually a good thing as it helps us learn more about what we can do to serve future clients better! It’s a win for everyone.

To anyone reading this, please take the time to respond, even if it’s a no. And too all of my wedding vendors out there, stay strong and rage against the ghost inquiry!!

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