Associate Shooter Guidelines

Thank you for being available and, most importantly, willing to help as an associate photographer with Trulove Studios. Below you’ll find a detailed overview of expectations and best practices for the day of. If you have any questions, feel free to call or text Jerrell the owner directly at 512-769-4020. If you prefer email, you can reach him at

To be clear, you will be capturing the event only. No editing or delivery is needed on your end. Shoot and Drop


General Best Practices

  • BE ON TIME – I can not state this enough. BE. ON. TIME. It’s always best to check google maps 1 hour before your scheduled arrival time and leave your residence at a time that will allow you to arrive 10 minutes early. This will give you time to get situated, connect with the bride and groom and begin shooting.
  • DRESS PROFESSIONALLY – A great first impression is paramount. At the very least, please adhere to a business casual dress code. No blue jeans, no sandals, no t-shirts and no hats.
  • GO WITH THE FLOW – You will not be micromanaged whatsoever on the day of your event. Feel free to capture the day as you see fit focusing mostly on candid moments. Additionally, most of our clients do not have a shot list. Capture the most important moments of the day as you see fit while making sure to document the ‘must have’ moments like the first kiss, bride and groom reactions and family.

Photography Best Practices

  • PLEASE SHOOT RAW – This may be the most important detail to remember. Although there are a large number of photographers who shoot in RAW, not everyone does. Please shoot in RAW format for the duration of the event/wedding that you have been contracted to shoot.
  • NATURAL FIRST / FLASH SECOND – Typically during a wedding or event, I prefer to shoot natural light as a primary option and will default to flash only if conditions do not permit it. Usually, I’ll use flash for the duration of the reception and during the formal exit.
  • EXPOSURE – When shooting please try your best to adhere to a down-the-line exposure or slightly underexposed image. This works perfectly with the presets that will be used to edit the imagery that you capture.
  • GEAR – It’s preferred that you shoot with full-frame DSLR or mirrorless camera bodies with dual memory card slots that are compatible with SD cards. Prime lenses are preferred but not required.
  • SETTINGS – It’s suggested that you shoot with auto white balance and auto iso with 4000 iso as your upper threshold to deliver consistently exposed images.
  • AFTER THE EVENT – Please drop off the SD cards given to you to capture the day with. Assuming that your camera has dual card slots, you may keep, edit and use the images you captured on your card whenever you would like. You do not need to tag Jerrell Trulove Photography in anything that you post moving forward.
  • PAYMENT – You will be paid in full after the event has been captured and the cards have been handed off. Please let me know your PayPal email address to receive payment. If you don’t have PayPal, please send an invoice to for services rendered.

Thank you again for help and I look forward to a positive working relationship.

Questions? Concerns? Something not mentioned? Reach out!